The Benefits Of Connected Cars

Wherever you go, people are constantly connected to a mobile phone. Not only teenagers, all from moms, grandparents and businessmen and women are playing with their smartphones all the time. Understandably who can blame them? These devices are not only smart, but allow us to take control of our lives.

From shopping on the go, sending emails, connecting with friends and colleagues and discovering useful information, today's smartphones have a lot of possibilities. We are like a nation, obsessed with the latest technological developments, so it would be no surprise that today's new cars are now equally connected.

Not long ago, cars were just cars, without any smart little gadgets, the hubs soon set out, but it was a while before cars came with built-in sat nav all on their own. Fast forward to today and some of the biggest names in the car game have created vehicles with some dazzling new and exciting features and have introduced some fantastic new concepts.

From BMW to Mercedes below I have chosen the best of the best in new and upcoming car features that proves how technology affects how we drive …

Autonomous driving

It may seem a bit too futuristic to sit back while your car does all the hard work but this nice idea can soon become a reality in the next few years. Self-parking systems are already a reality, but autonomous driving is also an exciting opportunity. Many people argue, however, that driving and potentially too many risks can be fun, but that is just what will only tell you.

Crash Avoidance

One of the best techniques in some of the latest cars is crash deviation. This is a phenomenal advance in technology but how does it work? With unique technologies, cars are now designed not only to evaluate your position but also the position of cars in front and other obstacles and objects on the road that can pose a risk. When a risk arises, the car will stop, even if the driver's foot is not on the brake pedal. This is a good proof of how new technology works wonders to prevent road safety.

Text Reading Technology

Mobile phones are often the greatest for drivers and apply to many accidents. Fortunately, many new vehicles now come with text reading technology that reads out any messages or emails you receive and you don't have to take your eyes on the road.

Smartphone App Integration

We all know that smartphones almost take over our lives. We use them for everything and car manufacturers realize this why now smartphone app integration is a very real opportunity. From checking out local movie times to booking a table at your favorite restaurant; Audi will soon offer this exciting new feature. This will definitely be a function that changes how we live!

Exciting isn't it? It's amazing to consider how much technology has changed how we behave on the roads … who knows what changes the future will hold?