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Volvo Cars took a bump to enter the now popular sports vehicle segment and its access to this competition is the Volvo XC90 which would run with other vehicles such as the BMW X5, Acura MDX and Infiniti FX to the top leak. This vehicle has actually been in production since 2003 and it is known as a crossover sports vehicle.

Known as a medium-sized luxury vehicle for sports vehicles, the Volvo XC90 has actually been built on the P2 platform, which is also used by the Volvo S80. This platform is also used by other major Volvo vehicles. According to Volvo Cars, the Volvo XC90 is its best-selling vehicle in the United States. Vehicle sales account for about twenty-five percent of their total sales in that area. Rumor has it that another update on the Volvo XC90 would come next year 2007. This vehicle has already proved worthy because it has already unpacked the North American Truck of the Year award in 2003 and the Motor Trend magazine Sport Utility of the year for the same year.

The current year's version of the Volvo XC90 has been made available in two trim levels that are 2.5T and V8. Both can accommodate four doors and can accommodate up to seven passengers in their luxurious cabin. The Volvo XC90 looks more like a European vehicle rather than an American or Japanese creation. In fact, some critics also think that this sports vehicle is more attractive than the already luxurious BMW X5. And yes it is also much cheaper than the said vehicle.

During the introduction, the Volvo XC90 2.5T trim level will be equipped with a standard 2.5 liter I5 turbo engine that produces 208 horsepower. It can reach 17 mpg in the city and about 23 mpg for the highway. To help with the excellent delivery of the vehicle, there is a five-speed automatic transmission system as standard. According to the second trim level, the V8, this comes with a 4.4-liter V8 engine capable of producing about 311 units of horsepower. Driving through the city would give you the statistics of 15 mpg while according to the highway would give you 21 mpg. The standard for this trim level is a six-speed automatic gearbox with overpressure.