Ebern Designs ‘Audi’ Vintage Advertisement on Wrapped Canvas

Ebern Designs ‘Audi’ Vintage Advertisement on Wrapped Canvas Size: 19″ H x 12″ W x 2″ D

I read an article in a car magazine about the dramatic development of the LED lamp and its impact on modern car design.

One of the discussion topics was the alarm clock that it gives to the car industry. A very influential demonstration was at a motor show that had the trigger of the Jaguar C-XF and while this would not be the first show car to have LED lights was considered one of the most dramatic.

The debut was at the Frankfurt Motor Show and used LEDs to provide a very dramatic visual presentation. The display was turned off by the press on Jaguar's start button.

First was an impressive display, some would say "explosion", of blue lighting that began with the dashboard, then flew around the cab and combines after covering the back seat. Along with this was a blow-out projecting from the interior of the ceiling, while the grille suddenly broke into life with a glow of LED lighting, very impressive.

And to finish the flash of cat impressions (yes it is a Jaguar) the headlights had dashes of blue that halve each of the rectangular elements.

Another leading example of LED technology in the car is the Audi R8. If you see one in the daytime you will notice daylight under the headlight, these are LED lights. But do not think it ends there like the Audi R8's complete headlights, including turn-key lights, and the most important and dipped beams are LED lights.

The LED light first made its mark in the car at the back of the car. 3157 LEDs and its derivatives found advantage of engineers as brake lamps because they reach full intensity faster than the traditional light bulb. They are now used in many car light lamps.

And some companies have taken this to the next level. BMW has a part that increases in brightness, since greater pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Mercedes Benz has the brake lights vibrant fast when the car brakes heavily.

The technology allows today's car manufacturers to provide many entertainment and other computer-based systems that have the potential to charge the car's power supply. So which unit can help reduce energy consumption has suddenly become very attractive.

This is one of the most important driving forces that has lifted the LED light to the top of the vehicle lighting list.

This energy saving is not the only driver because one of the other benefits is the lamp life. The LEDs will survive the cars they have been mounted on. The owner will never have to replace a bulb again.

Some of the other benefits are the ability to "set" the light so that the light drops closer to daylight. Even for car designers, the constraints on forms disappear because they are extremely flexible in the forms that can be achieved. Even the heat generated is much less light plastic. High strength plastic can be used.

Another excellent use of the LED in car use is the humble traffic light, a brilliant application that guarantees that we have robust lighting in the coming years.