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It's no wonder that the royal family in England just loves Audi's and why shouldn't they? Audi is one of the brands that successfully combines performance and utility in an elegant car. And now the Audi luxury unit Volkswagen and the receiver of quality vW --- are beginning to prove their ingenuity with the launch of their S6 sedan.

The S6 sedan is a four-door sedan that is filled with the excitement and performance of a sports car while providing a comfortable family / lifestyle-friendly feel.

Power is good ...

S6 is a total performance package and most of the S-upgrade is the V10 engine. The combination of the 10 cylinders with FSI technology gives S6 a unique technological position in the market. The 10 cylinders and FSI provide S6 with 435 horsepower at 6800 rpm and torque up 398 lb-ft of torque at an engine speed not lower than 3100 rpm.

Locomotion in motion

The S6 engine power is delivered via a standard six-speed Tiptronic that adapts to your driving style using intelligent function. The program that controls Tiptromic electronically has been optimized to deliver more gear changes. And if the conditions are right, EPA shows that you can get 15 mpg for city operation and 21 mpg for highway driving.

S6 says on track ...

In addition to the technically packed engine and the transmission combination, a Quattro permanent four-wheel drive system with asymmetric / dynamic torque division. Similarly, a self-locking center, which is installed in the longitudinal direction of the drivetrain, distributes power between the front and rear wheels depending on the transaction. The normal pitch is 40 percent to the front wheels and 60 percent to the rear. At wheel spin, it is controlled by the electronic differential lock EDL, which applies the brakes.

The S6 chassis has firmer springs, dampers and more direct control to ensure that the S6 reaches the road with precision and minimal losses. The S6 can beat 60 mph in a matter of 5.1 seconds and reach top speed of 155 mph. It is also equipped with four large ventilated disc brakes, 15.2 inch diameter front and 13 inch rear.

The exterior design ...

The exterior of the S6 looks like a boxer in a custom fit. The nose has a single frame grille, vertical strands of aluminum and an air inlet under the grille. A spoiler lip on the front of the car provides the extra power. Trim strips along the bottom edge of the door are body color and are made wider to mark the S sign. A rear spoiler was integrated in the tailgate, while the exterior mirrors of the aluminum mirror and V10 symbols provide a delightful work. Wheel / deck combo and low posture give it an aggressive look.

The decor ...

The interior has a luxurious feel for what does not detract from the sports presentation. Its new generation sports seats have integrated headrests and deep side supports all lined with Nappa leather.

Standard trim inserts are Gray Björk Wood. It also has an information system for drivers that by default has an extra digital speedometer. In the middle of the dash there is a 7-inch color display. Multi Media Interface is much better than BMW's iDrive.