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Hummer's conceptualization began in 1979. It was basically designed for the American army and was to be built as a HMMWV (High Mobility Multi Purpose Wheeled Vehicle). At that time, many companies were asked to present their best designs for the same thing. Of the many who presented their ideas, the three selected were the general dynamics, Teledyne and AM (American Motors) General. But it was just the beginning for companies to prove their worth. The army was very demanding if you wanted a vehicle, not only of high quality, but also what could withstand some form of pressure, slip through some form of terrain, and it would be easy and easy to maintain! And voila AM General was able to give the highest prototype and in the least possible time!

Their model called Hummvee proved to be exactly what the army had commanded. It came out with flying colors in the various tests to measure its superiority. Subsequently, the first Hummveesna, which was about 55,000, were given for production over a period of 5 years in 1983 to the AM General. AM General also won this race and within just 6 months Hummvee was ready for use. Over time, the public could not resist the desire to drive these humvees. Thus, AM General decided to come out with a civil version of Humvee called Hummer. In December 1999, the Hummer brand and the authority were sold to market and distribute it to General Motors by the AM General. However, AM General still produces Hummer.

Lobster is an SUV sports vehicle and is rage with those who are fond of rugged, long and rough and tough cars. Lobster does not seem to have any competitor in this area. The first and original lobster is now called H1. It is said that Hummer was made by Arnold Schwarzenegger's persuasion which he had seen Humvees and was very impressed. The popularity of Hummer is such that the United States boasts several groups and clubs of Hummer owners who come together and run them either for recreation or for some good reasons. Well, why good reasons, read on to find out. Because Hummer is well known for its great strength and durability, it is often used in catastrophes. Such Hummer owners give their vehicle for these purposes and then put them into use for a noble cause. In fact, a group has been formed by Hummer owners who have been trained in first aid and CPR. Thus, Hummer has spread his wings to touch all mankind.

The latest and a very well known Hummer model is H3. The lobster models H1 and H2 are known to be quite large. Unlike them, the five-seat H3 has been made to meet the common feelings that want to own an SUV but still want it to not look too big. H3 also has good fuel economy and is quite luxurious for the small cost it claims! It has good soundproof materials that are used in their windows and enough sealing to allow you to hear and speak comfortably enough. This is important considering that H3, like its predecessor, is made to make noise. H3 also has side airbags and normal drivers and passengers, which provided extra protection. Some of its other features are large knives for HVAC, sunscreen that has extracts, and large and very readable gauges.

The other common features include a tilt adjustable steering column, electric window and lock, remote control, an audio system with CD player, cruise control, air conditioning, electronic rear-view mirror with temperature and compass reading, ABS brake system, traction control, a tire pressure monitoring system and stylish leather seats. It has an OnStar system with one year security and sound service plan. This system informs the affected persons if it is an emergency and helps them find you and get you immediate help and relief. It even helps to keep the thieves in operation, as the system can track your lobster at theft.

With so much to offer, you have to run Hummer!