Limited Edition Fiat Stilo Review

Fiat has always built fast and engaging cars, whether it's petite 127 from the 70's or the stylish Punto Turbo in the 90's, the combination of elegant Italian styling and avid revolt engines has made the brand popular with drivers everywhere for as long as you can remember. Combine this inherent driveability with stylish coupe styling and you have some of the most enigmatic and unforgettable coupes in the latest memory. The stylish 124 Coupe was the car to have in the 70's, with its hilarious 1.8-liter, two-chamber engine and clean seductive lines. For comparison, Volkswagen still built the air-cooled Beetle and completed the development of Mk 1 Golf.

This tradition continues with the Fiat Stilo 2.4, especially the limited edition "Michael Schumacher version. What makes this car so special is that it again puts together Italian stylish looks with a powerful engine under the bonnet and a sense of style like most other car testers Desperately trying to emulate, worldwide the number of "Schumacher" Stilos is hijacked at 3,500 units, each with a numbered plaque on the dashboard, Singapore being awarded 50 units available from now until mid-next year.

It is self-evident that trendy design labels are an Italian creation, and few cars are just as stylish as three-door Stilo, which, incidentally, is translated into "style" in Italian; The combination of crisp, laser-cut lines at the front flows into a dynamic wedge-shaped passenger compartment and resolves nicely with the dramatic trapezoidal rear lights. The subtle flaring of the body around the rear wheels gives Stilo strong shoulders that produce power and strength. And the way in which the rear profile slopes forward gives the entire car a posture and an undeniable sense of forward movement. For even more drama, the Schumacher version gets a lowered suspension, sporty Zender herring extensions and elegant 17-inch alloy wheels.

But this limited edition Stilo is more than just eye-candy. Under the bonnet is a powerful 20-valve, 2.4-liter, five-cylinder engine that emits an impressive 170bhp. Just as Audi, Honda and most recently Volvo have discovered, a five-cylinder in-line offers the best of both worlds – it is only marginally larger and heavier than a four-core unit, but gives similar output to a straight or V6 engine. In the best Fiat tradition, this car is blowing fast and feels strong and funny, even when pressed. In fact, it just thrives to be pressured.