S80 and C30, Volvo’s Entrants to Auto Shows

Despite the fact that we are still in early 2006, there have already been many car exhibitions, not only in the United States, but also in other countries that contained the most captivating and most promising production vehicles. These car exhibits also became the place for car manufacturers to showcase their concept cars.

Volvo has ensured that their company would not be released when it came to this large presentation of exemplary vehicles. During the Geneva Auto Show, the company's access in 2007 was the Volvo S80, which is already a production vehicle. 2007 The Volvo S80 is a luxury vehicle and basically competes with the Audi A6, Acura RL, the BMW 5 series and the Lexus ES 350. Even though it is already in production, this vehicle would start to be for sale came the first quarter next year.

The Detroit Auto Show became the place for Volvo Cars to showcase the Volvo C30 which was introduced as a concept vehicle. However, the company already produces so much vehicle so that it would be available for sale at about the same time as the Volvo S80. Most likely, this vehicle would compete with the Mini Cooper, Scion xB, Golf GTI and the Audi A3. It streams around and looks like a modern sports hatchback.

The safety features of the Volvo S80 2007 are still as typical as Volvo equips with vehicles. It is an elegant vehicle but the company claims it would not be elitist. Although this vehicle has already been manufactured since 1999, will come in 2007, the new version would come with smaller upgrades as its new front fascia that seems to have more curves, nicer looks and a sportier aura.

The Volvo C30 is already ready to be introduced as a production vehicle during the Paris Motor Show. This vehicle was primarily designed to attract and bring in the young and active people from urban areas. The security features are still right for Volvo standards, but this new one comes with a sporty touch but gives a much more fashionable appeal.