Volvo C30 Targets Generation Y

The Volvo C30, the newest starting level of the automaker, has an excellent mission to do – and it is to attract the young generation drivers and buy.

Volvo drives the extra mile to promote its compact hatchback. As a matter of fact, it goes beyond their comfort zones by invoking a new maxim: "Volvo you have when you don't want a Volvo." The hatchback is specially designed to meet customers' modern needs without compromising affordability. The four-seater tailgate will be the cheapest Volvo in the showroom when it is sold in April. The car, which is torn under the Volvo S40 sedan, is priced at $ 34,450.

"The Volvo C30's target audience is currently not about Volvo," says Alan Dessels, CEO of Volvo Cars Australia. "The C30 brings a whole new era to us. It will bring people to the brand that had not previously found a Volvo."

The demand for the C30's compelling power has Dessels's to say: "We are not convinced of anything. Our target audience is smart. They are well-informed and they do their research. So we should engage them. We should ask them for their opinion on the car. Do they have it or not? "Dessels notes further:" The C30 is a departure from the traditional Volvo tank. It is not a family car. It will appeal to a younger buyer, an active single or a And currently only one in eight Volvo buyers is in the "pre-family" phase of their lives.

The car manufacturer noted that the majority of its consumers are between 36 and 54 years. Desselss believe that the Volvo C30 will reason well with the group during the 35s. The Volvo C30's goal is to bring customers into the family earlier than any vehicle in its current lineup. Dessels added: "We predict that three out of every four C30 buyers have not owned a Volvo before."

The Volvo C30 hatchback shares much of its auto parts with its siblings – the larger S40 sedan. Volvo steering column, suspension, motors and some body panels are the same. Volvo Cars, the Swedish brand in Ford Motor Co., got the C30 to use some components in Focus including its turbocharged engine. "The diesel engine it uses is a very advanced device, and costs much more than a petrol engine to produce," Dessels said. "We believe that buyers will be attracted to diesel for environmental reasons."

Todd Hallenbeck, Volvo's spokesman, said: "We expect them to know these things and we will not try to hide it. We think they will see the value, sophistication, resale and other benefits that the C30 has." We I love to steal sales from Focus XR5. It's a competitor just like the Audi A3, the BMW 1 Series and the Volkswagen Golf. "